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Flame Proof Motors

Flame Proof Motors
Flame Proof Motors
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Product Description

Flame Proof motors


Flame proof motors are equipment which can perform safely in the following conditions:

Hazardous Area

An installation where inflammable products are continually handled, processed or stored requires special care to ensure the maintenance of property and the personnel safety.

Based on their characteristics, electric equipment can become ignition sources causing sparks, when opening or closing contacts or due to overheating of any component, caused intentionally or originated by fault currents.

Explosive Atmosphere

An atmosphere is considered explosive when the proportion of gas, vapour, dust, fibres, or flyings is such that after sparking caused by short-circuit or overheating of one component causes an ignition and explosion. Three elements are required for an explosion to occur:

Fuel + oxygen + ignition = explosion

Classification of Hazardous Areas

According to IEC/IS Standards, hazardous areas are classified as follows:

Zone 0:Area in which explosive atmosphere is present continuously, or for long periods of frequently. For example, inside a fuel tank the explosive atmosphere is always present.

Zone 1:Area in which an explosive gas atmosphere is likely to occur in normal operation occasionally. The explosive atmosphere is frequently present.

Zone 2:Area in which an explosive gas atmosphere is not likely to occur in normal operation, but if it does occur, will persist for a short period only. This conditions associated with abnormal operation of equipment and process, losses or negligent use. The explosive atmosphere may accidentally be present.

Protection by Enclosure:



Explosion Proof

Type of protection in which the parts capable of igniting an explosive gas atmosphere are provided with an enclosure which can withstand the pressure developed during an internal explosion of an explosive mixture, and which prevents the transmission of the explosion to the explosive gas atmosphere surrounding the enclosure.

Increased safety

Type of protection applied to electrical apparatus in which additional measures are applied so as to give increased security against the possibility of excessive temperatures and of the occurrence of arcs and sparks in normal service or under specified abnormal conditions

Non - Spaking

Type of protection applied to electrical apparatus such that, in normal operation and in certain specified abnormal conditions, it is not capable of igniting a surrounding explosive gas atmosphere. There are three categories of materials: no spark generation ( nA ), spark generation ( nC ), encapsulated with limited breathing ( nR ).

Main Characteristics

  • Sturdy housing which prevents an internal explosion from spreading to the outside and resists the explosion pressure.
  • Robust bearing shields and caps bolted to the frame in such a manner that the gaps remain unaffected in the event of an internal explosion.
  • Screen on air intake with a mesh size not exceeding 8 mm.
  • External earth terminals.
  • Protective earth conductor terminal in the terminal box.
  • (Ex) d mark on the motor.
  • CMRI certificate no., CCE & DGFASLI certificate no. & ISI licence mark on the name plate.
  • PESO Approval mark on the name plate
  • Special varnishing and painting treatment to resist highly corrosive atmosphere.


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